WE CHANGE THE WORLD #2 – The garment revolution – Interview – Benoit from Bonne Gueule

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WE CHANGE THE WORLD #2 – The garment revolution – Interview – Benoit from Bonne Gueule


Bonne Gueule is one of the most visited websites by men in France for tips on menswear

(you will find english subtitles on the video)

The Interview


Benoit (cofounder of Bonne Gueule) : « Bonne Gueule is a story that has lasted for ten years now.

It is a site that was founded in 2007 and which aims to help men to feel good in their clothes.

So we made it through a ton of free advices, on the blog, via the YouTube channel. Also through a paper book and through a clothing line.

There has never been a commercial banner on Bonne Gueule, we do not affiliate, we do not do sponsored products.

Brands do not pay to be present on our site.

Is it really if we love the brand, if it is estimated to be worth to be shared, we do so. »


Romain : « How you do change the world at your level ?

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world today, how you approach the ecological impact at Bonne Gueule ? »


Benoit : « So the first thing is that we have the ambitious objective to be a Bcorp.

So what do you mean by Bcorp for those who are not familiar with the term? BCorp

This is a label that is very rigorous. Which affects many aspects, welfare at work, ecology, environment, etc…

So we have a full-time person each week working on this theme.

Before we sought to work with beautiful materials today we are looking for beautiful materials and also to ensure that they are environmentally respectful.

We work with a lot of material that are eco tex standards among others.

I like the technical materials so we have a great attention to what is PFC etc ..

We will always take an organic cotton option without PFC.

So that’s really how we advance at different levels.

Also we train ourselves, we educate our customers about what is a quality garment, a quality material. »


Romain : « How at Bonne Gueule comparing to large companies, major brands which do not necessarily respect the human in their productions how you fit human and ethical in your work ? »


Benoit : « My project manager Julien is very very keen on all these issues really he is even more stringent than me on some things.
So here we visit, inquire a lot, we visit our workshops.

And furthermore I would just add something I just think that sometimes the workshops we saw were
sometimes better than the French workshops in the sense that the French are harnessed often old workshops barely surviving so they do not necessarily make new investments.

Compared to a production line in Romania where on the contrary you can see the automatic vacuum cleaner the ground everything is conditioned all is bright etc… »


Romain : »i hear something very often, my friends or people when I speak of quality clothing that tell me :

« Yeah but I have no money for quality clothing it is too expensive… » what do you answer them ? »


Benoit : « So I have a position that is very decided that can make controversy but for me those are completely false excuses.

In the sense that this is not normal I see girls, they are the first to denounce child labor but will rush to
Primark to buy a shirt for three euros.

And here there is a kind of consumer schizophrenia that annoys me very much, a lot.

Yes, consumer schizophrenia, it is exactly that.

« Yeah child labor is wrong and all …  » I do not mind but in this cases do not stand in line for Primark.

For me it is those kind of businesses that are the worst because the value created is zero.

First, the value is not created for the customer because he doesn’t get a quality garment, it is not created for employees because those are not good conditions for work both in France where for vendors that should not be very funny and as for the suppliers and for the brand in itself because it creates no value.

So « quality garments it’s too expensive… », So the first thing is actually taking responsibility
as a consumer.

The quality has a cost, we can’t have everything.

I do not know in which brand it was, distress words in the pockets of jeans.

And I say how ? I know it is cheap but then how can a consumer, a minimum awake
buy these ?

Because as a student who has no money who wants to dress thankfully OK
these fast fashion brands exist because

I also think that everyone has the right to have decent style at any price … »


Romain : « Do you have one last call to action for people watching us now, a call to action on ethical consumption, quality ? »


Benoit : « Yeah so try to consume less, meaning, ask yourself if you need to buy as many clothes.

You will find that you do not and then you will be able to invest more of your budget in quality clothing.

And spending time in recognizing the good, the beautiful in garments is never vain.

To recognize a good material, beautiful shirt, beautiful finishes, do not hesitate to read sites like Gentleman Buddha or as Bonne Gueule and I assure you your consumption patterns will find more agreeable because ultimately the garment is a door to many other things and it  says a lot about the person wearing them. I invite you to follow Bonne Gueule on YouTube because they have extremely outbreaks videos and teachings on the garment. »


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(sorry for the home made poor translation from french to english 😉 )


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