A list of the Vegan shoes brands

A list of the Vegan shoes brands


What is Vegan Leather?


YES, leather is not the only quality material for shoes. NO, PVC is not the component of vegan shoes, it is the microfibre Mycro © also generally called vegan leather. Its softness, its mechanical characteristics, its lightness, its breathability and its resistance to water offer high performances, the comfort is with appointment with a very natural look. Mycro © holds the European eco-label, it is ISO9001 compliant. Perfect imitation of leather and suede (Unlike suede, water is not a problem), this material is made in Italy. This is the future of leather, (it is also called Futureleather) because it surpasses it in its impermeability without losing in breathability, and without counting the fact that no animal suffering is involved.


What about the price?


The production of all the brands cited below are of quality and carried out ethically in the Portuguese workshops (except Ahimsa) who are known as great family footwear craftsmen.

The price is higher because these craftsmen are paid fairly. Again, it is essential to come out of the concept « buy cheaper, cheaper, cheaper ». A shoe under 60 euros will rarely keep being in nice shape (often only 1 year with regular wear). Make the calculation of your shoes budget and all the times you have to change them because too worn…

It is time to change paradigm and buy less but better, you earn money buying your pairs of shoes at 100, 200 or 300 euros because they will last you 2, 3 or 4 times longer (or more).


What about the styles of vegan shoes?


You will find everything !

Stylish shoes for the office and evenings. Derbies and mocs for casual / chic. Trainers and sneakers for sport and casual styles / streetwear. Boots for rock or workwear styles. Sandals for summer. Originalities also, many originalities !

In short, of everything !


Here is my non-exhaustive list of quality Vegan shoes brands:


(My small comments and price range are the reflection of the brand in its Men collection. Most brands offer shoes for men and women.)

Small mention for the last of the list, that you can immediately go to discover: Wills Vegan

Ahimsa (Ethical Manufacturing in Brazil – Men / Women) [100<150 €]

A brand with sober colors and free deliveries all over the globe. They have a great sense of ethics and fair labor conditions, plus nice designs.

BellaStoria (Ethical Manufacturing in Italy – Men / Women) [50 <160 €]

One of my favorite brands … Because they are all handmade in the family, with real Italian vegan leather and not Chinese … And many other original materials. Not to mention the fact that they can do what you want on demand and tailor-made !

Bourgeois Boheme (Ethical Manufacturing in Portugal – Men / Women) [150<250 €]

Top of the line. Style, a lot of style and originality. So British but not so classic. Sometimes the good outlet on their site.

Brave Gentleman (Ethical Manufacturing in Portugal – For Men) [~300 €]

High-end to powerful style, to know even if you do not have the budget.

Cammina Leggero (Ethical Manufacturing in Italy – Men / Women) [70 <160 €]

A brand with bohemian style and strong environmental awareness.

Ekn (Not only vegan – Ethical manufacturing in Portugal – Men / Women) [60<200 €]

A brand with a very high level of ecological requirement (many recycled elements). A contemporary style with assertive designs and a clear approach like rock water. You shall find a vegan section.

Fair (Ethical Manufacturing in Portugal – Men / Women) [90<150 €]

A very effective and fairly original collection.

Fera Liebens (Ethical Manufacturing in Italy – Men / Women) [120 <170 €]

A set of oxford / derby shoes (here proposed with a neither too elegant nor too casual design with which one can go everywhere, for most models). Originality and soles in Vibram (isn’t it amazing ?). Free shipping and returns in Europe.

Good Guys (Ethical Manufacturing in Portugal – Men / Women) [80<150 €]

A French brand that dares. Very original, it is worth the detour. Interesting outlets on their site.

NAE (Ethical Manufacturing in Portugal – Men / Women) [100<160 €]

Not a lot of casual for a port in any circumstances, but not that.

Noah (Ethical Manufacturing in Italy – Men / Women) [100<300 €]

Top of the line. An Italian style marked, which is not to displease me. Of style. From the outlet on the site.

Novacas (Ethical Manufacturing in Portugal – Men / Women) [100<200 €]

For men who like effective classics. More choice for women. Their site does not allow buying online but you will find their stocks at Avesu.

Nemanti (Ethical Manufacturing in Italy – Men / Women) [230<450 €]

The Vegan luxury, that does not only show off the name, but also embodies the true quality. Goodyear construction and Blake sole assembly, we are on the highest quality of shoes, which stand out in time. Casual shoes for everyday life are also available.

Vegetarian Shoes (Ethical Manufacturing in Portugal and England – Men / Women) [75<200 €]

One of the pioneers, a brand with the Rangers imprint but who offers everything. Very good hiking shoes and others … The stylish shoes are to my taste too classical. From the outlet on the site.

Wills Vegan (Ethical Manufacturing in Portugal – Men / Women) [75<225 €]

My little favorite in his approach to the best value for money. Of everything, everything, everything, for all tastes and prices. It is the only one that to my knowledge offers vegan shoes to such a level of excellence (I speak of their B L A C K range, goodyear technique, each pair can take up to eight weeks of production time … Very high range for only 220 €, link HERE). First delivery free. Returns offered.


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