👞The revolution of the FUTURE LEATHER (Veggie World Vegan fair in Lyon)

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👞The revolution of the FUTURE LEATHER (Veggie World Vegan fair in Lyon)


I have been a vegetarian for 6 years and I am very healthy !

At present, there are nearly 60 billion animals slaughtered every year worldwide.

It is also the second largest source of global pollution, it is a real social problem.

I think it’s really fundamental that we talk about it more and more, and that in our daily habits we take the step.

With kindness, with tolerance too, without having extremist speech.

We’ll see that now, on video !


The FUTURE LEATHER a true revolution !

Vegan leather, an ecological, ethical and quality solution !

I will talk about vegan leather mainly.

I am absolutely a fan of this subject.

So, it really looks like leather…

But on top of that it’s more breathable and waterproof than leather.

In addition to this, the brands that produce vegan leather, almost all make in Portugal, under ethical conditions, in Portugal or Great Britain or in Italy.


Interview of the creator of the Bellastoria brand :

« Bellastoria » is a vegan brand of shoes, all handmade in Tuscany, Italy near Florence.

We make custom shoes, so you can come here and choose the models and materials you like.

We make all the Italian vegan leather shoes made in Italy.

We use microfiber, nettles, hemp, recycled shirts, car airbags recycled and cut.

We make shoes for women and for men, for women up to 45 and for men up to 52!

Yes for Big Foot, big feet, we also make shoes!

You have a line of shoes on your site and you also have a tailor-made offer.

Yes exactly ! -laughter-

You make casual shoes, sneakers etc … but you also make shoes for gentleman !

Yes we made shoes for work and we made high heels for women.

If you have a model that you like you can send me an email and if I can I will do it.

Can you tell us the family story? Because you told me it’s been a while since you make shoes …

Yes it’s been more than 30 years since my family made shoes … – Your father too! – Yes my father too! The whole family ! »


Interview with Fantome :

« You propose an alternative to leather … The alternative that we propose to us at » Fantome « is to have the tube of recycled bicycle. It’s nice, and suddenly you do everything in France? That’s it, we have our workshops in Bordeaux, south of Bordeaux … And we try to work as locally as possible.  »


Interview of Gabriel, founder of Ahimsa :

So you are the owner of the brand Ahimsa, can you introduce your brand? Yes, Ahimsa is a Vegan brand made in Brazil. We have our own factories, we have been doing this for 5 years and I am very happy that we can offer high quality shoes made in Brazil with ethical working conditions. We also really take care of our employees. And it’s amazing because you also make luxury shoes, with blake methods, Goodyear (the kind of shoes that last a lifetime). Yes it’s part of our business, we try to bring back the quality, the vintage. Doing this type of construction is one of the main goals of our brand. Thank you for making gentleman’s shoes too … Vegan!

There are still who will arrive!

Vegan leather will make the revolution in the coming years !

Because this material allows to go through no animal product. Animal that was murdered and then skinned to take his skin. This material is better than leather in all aspects and of course … the ethical aspect … and … ecological, without neglecting quality and aesthetics !


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