The freedom of the made-to-measure ✂ TAILOR TRUCKS ✂ One of the best offers in France

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The freedom of the made-to-measure ✂ TAILOR TRUCKS ✂ One of the best offers in France

One of the best tailor-made offers in France: Tailor Trucks

Tailor Trucks has been first of all a very pleasant encounter with two passionate tailors.

I wrote here the interview of Lylian and Johann, the two cousins ​​who founded Tailor Trucks, which I think is one of the best tailoring houses regarding the value for money in France for tailored suits, pants, shirts and coats with a huge choice of customization.

I had the chance to wear one of their suits, they have tailor-made, from the great Italian spinning house Vitale Barberis Canonico.

Here is the top of the suit worn at the Pitti Uomo International Fair, which is the encounter of some of the most elegant men in the world:


And the pants:



The video of the Pitti :

Romain: « Can you tell me what makes Tailor Trucks unique in France? « 

Johann: « So today we propose to our customers to move where they want … that is to say that when we make an appointment we are the ones who move with our mobile shop.

Tailor Trucks was created to save time.  »

Romain: « It means, that I can be in the morning, in my pajamas, at my place, to call you… And then I just have to go downstairs ? »

Johann :  » Exactly, we move where the customer wishes, appointments are made either at home or at the workplace but it is true that you just need to get out of the house, to cross the street to enter the shop.  »

Romain: « And so you are the only ones in France to propose that?  »

Johann: « We are the only ones in France to propose that, exactly.  »

Romain: « Maybe let’s just talk about self-esteem, it’s a theme that speaks to me a lot, I feel that when you wear a suit, you connect a part of yourself, you feel good in fact, usually the suit is super well fitted.

What does it mean to wear a suit according to you?  »

Johann: « Today it is the reference and this is what allows men to be the most elegant, so necessarily self-esteem improves. I think that it can for some people help them to improve their confidence and necessarily, one gives off a more positive image.

Romain: « We talk to young people too, I’m 25, I came to Tailor Trucks also due to the value for money which is exceptional. I think that in France you have one of the best for the half measure offer, can you tell us about the different ranges?  »

Johann: « Today Tailor Trucks offers five different price ranges. We start from about 350 € to not far from 1000 € for the two-piece suit. It is the selected fabric that will determine the price. All our fabrics are made in Italy or England by specialized houses, spinning mills such as Loro Piana, Dormeuil, Holland and Sherry, Vitale Barberis and others.

The customer will have the opportunity to customize so he will be able to choose his buttons, He will be able to choose his liners among a hundred liners, he will be able to choose his pockets, and many other things … and if there are specific requirements we insist on the fact that he tells us about it, simply because we will be able to realize it.

And regardless of the fabric selected, so depending on the budget of the person, we will still be able anyway, to customize as much as the client wants so even for budgets a little more restricted, the customer can still have fun and personalize his image.  »

Romain: « I remember this picture of a blogger who came to do an article at your house, it was « Comme un camion » and it was Rody, who came to receive a suit after 1 month of production. So he gets there, he tries it, he shines like a kid, we feel that he is very happy to wear his suit, what do you see in the eyes of the customers, you often see this sparkle I imagine ?  »

Johann: « Yes, I often see it, because in my opinion, in the process of making a tailor-made suit, there are still some things behind it. Already having fun because it is still a time where the person wants to take care of himself, be stylish and also customize to make all these little details on the suit that allows ultimately to have his own. And there is the waiting time because it is true that we have a period of 3 to 4 weeks for making. Sometimes people are a little in a hurry and sometimes we receive messages after two weeks, and that’s when we finally get there and we see that everything is perfect necessarily there is something quite enjoyable and I can understand Rody because myself if I’m lucky enough to be able to make a certain number of costumes is ultimately the same reaction I have when I try my new suits.  »

To conclude :

Tailor Trucks is rapidly expanding and plans to expand its network beyond the Île de France.

In any case if you are Parisian or just visiting, do not hesitate, a call and they are at the bottom of your home with one of the best value for money of the market … And a very friendly client relationship !
You can put your own name or message in the jacket!



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