Test of the Wills Vegan shoes brand

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Test of the Wills Vegan shoes brand


Wills Vegan

The Wills Vegan brand is one of the most important player in the sale of footwear free of animal suffering.

It offers one of the largest range of styles of shoes for both men and women.

The ‘value for money’ their products offer is certainly one of the best in the market and ethics of production is equally good.

The manufacturing takes place in Portugal with fair working conditions and with real know-how.

The material used is microfibre, also called the “Future leather”. This environmentfriendly material is made in Italy and beats leather in all criterias may it be of waterproofing, breathability or flexibility etc. It’s performance is simply superior and the look is the same, even an expert eye will be deceived !


How does it looks like?

Attention! Depending on the models the finition can be quite different. Here we have casual shoes, the microfiber used for stylish shoes is more smooth (like a patina leather) one can also have matte or glossy finitions.

This material is of vegetable origin and is therefore not the skin of an animal slaughtered under violent conditions. For any pair of vegan shoes bought the animal kingdom will warmly thank you.


Time for test !

I bought two pairs a little less than a year ago. One pair of boots and a pair of Derbys, both in light brown, also called “chestnut”. Note that the microfibre of the boots is slightly darker.

My friend has his pair of black “boots” since last winter and wears them very regularly (he even wore them in the summer).

Nina has two pairs of Wills boots since last year. A pair of Chelsea boots in chestnut and a pair of Aviator in dark brown.

So here we have a five-pair test of the male/female Wills Vegan catalogue !

Nina and I wore our shoes quite frequently, in my case I wear them once every 2-3 days, with normal use, no jumps on the roofs of buildings. They last very well !

The most striking thing for me is that there is almost no need to maintain them, a brushing with a dry cloth is enough ! I occasionally add a polishing sponge (it takes me about 15 seconds) which allows for the material to shine under light.

This is one of the fundamental differences with leather, the microfibre seems to have a longer life, and its appearance does not deteriorate over time.

Here is one of the pairs of my friend, which he carries almost every two days to go to work:

Closer :

We can see that despite the dirt the microfiber ages very well (a whole year of use) !


More pics :

As a conclusion, our evaluation of the Wills Vegan brand :


Good points

  • Unbeatable value for money. On average 90 euros per pair.
  • Unbelievable customer service with free shipments and returns (very responsive, tested and approved, I had the misfortune of having a problem on one of my orders and was treated in the best way, Wills is very professional)
  • A refinement adapted to the price range.
  • Stitched soles, seams that fit even better with time.
  • Fair production conditions and without animal suffering.
  • Wide range, very different styles, for  everyone.

Most models are superb when it comes to comfort.

Points to improve

  • I did announced points to be improved when I first wrote the article, the brand actually took care of them (for exempIe I said that I would love a more rock spirit chelsea boot -> they did it).
  • To propose more original models in the range B L A C K (goodyear making, long lasting shoes) ​​with lighter camel or brown colors, including the famous Pitti uomo double straps monks or designer/unique boots, like Jodhpur boots. To see more colour in the Black B L A C K catalog 😉


Do not hesitate to make your opinion by yourself by visiting the Wills Vegan website !