A list of ethical brands and quality clothing

A list of ethical brands and quality clothing



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This list is a reflection of my personal tastes and knowledge (there are way more brands !)

American Apparel (Medium Quality, Ethical Manufacturing in USA, Men / Women)

Even if their advertising campaigns are at the limit of being politically correct, American Apparel holds a good ethics of production entirely based out of Los Angeles. There are also marked efforts towards the usage of organic cotton. You can find the shops in all the big cities.

April 77 (Vegan, Manufacture outside EU-North Africa, Men / Women)

I do not know the production ethics of April 77 but I appreciate the « Vegan » approach of the brand and its highly pronounced Rock spirit. All the classically leather jeans yokes are available in good quality faux leather . Originality and quality guaranteed. Large choice of sizes is available. The store is in Paris.

Bonne Gueule (High Quality, Ethical Production EU / Outside EU, non vegan, for Men)

What to say! … This is THE reference, it is the dream come true ! Everything is here, the essentials of the men’s wardrobe with the finest materials, cuts, finishes and best detailing. The value for money is just right. Nevertheless, you will need to have a good budget. Stores are in Paris and Lyon, with ambassadors present in many other cities. International shipping is available.

Everlane (Ethical Production EU / Outside EU, non vegan, for men and women)

Transparency and direct link between the company and the  customer makes a deal possible at the correct prices. Add some timeless basics and you have a very good brand, Everlane.

Le Pantalon (High Quality, EU Ethical Production, Non Vegan, for Men)

From men’s chino trousers to selvedge jeans to wool flannel pants, they do it all. They offer impeccable finishes and good materials at fair price. Overall it makes for a good choice.

Luxire (High Quality, Made to measure, Ethical Production in Bangalore, India, Non Vegan, for Men)

It is not easy to describe how amazing it is, Style forum has a thousand pages on this brand. Who wants luxury clothes at a crazy price, that too tailor made ? Seems like a dream right ? Nope. Just be careful and ask a pro to take the measurements and you are good to go !

Nudie Jeans (Organic, High Quality, Italy Manufacturing, Men / Women)

The brand of organic jeans that has tunes of rock’n’roll at its core. Everything is at there (not only jeans). You will find this brand in resale shops all over the globe and on e-shops like Asos, Zalendo, etc. They offer a truly unique style.

Outlier (High Quality, Ethical Production in New York, for Men)

Here we see the future of garments. You want total freedom of movement ? The investment is worth it ! Ecological materials combined with topnotch technology. A must for yoga teachers and athletes who wants to have a sleek look while performing.